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Proficient Guide for Your Thesis Proposal Writing Malaysia

What Is Thesis Proposal?

A thesis proposal is the outline of the idea about Masters or PhD research work that you have decided to present in the form of a thesis or dissertation. A good thesis proposal is considered that paper that is admired and accepted by the thesis review committee in the first attempt without any hindrance, but it is not easy to convince the members of the thesis review committee. A winning thesis proposal should clearly demonstrate the need of project by identifying the real-world problem, prove the feasibility of research work in terms of availability of materials and elaborate on the benefits of expected results.

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expert thesis proposal writing malaysiaWhy Do Students in Malaysia Need to Conduct a Thesis Proposal?

All the students who are doing Masters or PhD degrees in Malaysian universities must have to write a thesis proposal before start writing the thesis or dissertation. Only writing the thesis proposal Malaysia is not good enough, there is also a need for getting approval of thesis proposal from thesis review committee by presenting the proposal in front of all members of the committee. Well, a question arises here that why students in Malaysia need to conduct a thesis proposal and why it is necessary?

Let’s have a look at the answers of question:

  • Writing a capstone paper or thesis is the mandatory requirement of all Malaysian universities for all those students who are doing Masters or PhD degrees from their institutes.
  • The key need for writing a thesis proposal Malaysia is convincing the thesis supervisory committee about need, significance and importance of research work that is planned to execute in the form of a thesis.
  • Moreover, the hypothesis of the paper that is presented in the form of the thesis proposal should depict something original in the area of a concerned subject that is focused by the researcher in its thesis or dissertation.
  • In the thesis proposal, it is also needful to convince the examiners that proposed research work is feasible with respect to equipment, funding, data, and supervision.

thesis proposal example malaysia

What Problems in Writing a Thesis Proposal Malaysian Students Can Have?

Following are some problems that Malaysian students can face during writing the thesis proposal and due to which they need thesis helper Malaysia:

  • The first problem is choosing the area of research about which you are most excited to do research work. To cope with this problem, you must have to make extensive research about finding a logical problem in the concerned area of research and checking the feasibility of performing the experiments.
  • Choosing the appropriate topic of thesis proposal is another major problem. If your professor has provided you multiple options to choose the topic of your thesis proposal, you should select that one which is about the burning issue of real-world problem and belong to your selected area of research.
  • Finding the relevant references in support of need of problem that you are going to address in your thesis is a major problem that students usually face to justify the importance of the thesis proposal.
  • After choosing an appropriate thesis proposal, you have to face the problem of how to write thesis proposal my? The best solution to this problem is finding a reputed online thesis proposal writing service MY. This service will not only provide you complete assistance in writing the winning thesis proposal but will also help you in editing and proofreading the already written thesis proposal.

Structure and Format of Thesis Proposal

Following sample thesis proposal my will help you to understand the standard structure and format of thesis proposal:

  • Title page: title page of the thesis proposal should contain all basic information about your proposed thesis such as the suggested title of the proposed thesis, name of author, institution and department, name of a research mentor, an institution of mentor and delivery date.
  • Abstract: abstract is the short summary of thesis proposal that comprises the thesis statement and problem to be addressed in the thesis. It should not be exceeded more than 200 words.
  • Table of contents: this part includes all heading and subheadings of thesis proposal along with page numbers.
  • Introduction: introduction of thesis proposal contains the background of the research problem that up to what extent problem has been already addressed and why there is need of extending the research in the concerned field.
  • Thesis statement: thesis statement should contain the hypothesis of the paper and research question through which you want to set the boundaries of the proposed project.
  • Materials & Methods: in this chapter, you should clearly mention all the equipment, material and methods that you want to adopt for performing the research work. One thing is very important here, that you can only write the approved or standard procedure of doing experiments for your intended research work.
  • Initial results and discussion: if you have already performed some experiments related to the proposed research project, you can mention in this chapter along with a discussion of results through a statistical approach.
  • Work plan including time table: in this part, you should mention the deadlines to complete the individual parts of your thesis proposal along with stages of a work plan.
  • Conclusion of research: here, you should describe the expected benefits that will be extracted from results of research work.
  • List of references: support all your ideas and claims with relevant references and cite all the references in the form of list that should be written in the recommended style of the publication.

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Five Steps to Write an Outstanding PhD Thesis Proposal

There are five basic steps to write an outstanding proposal that are acknowledged by the majority of online PhD thesis writing services in Malaysia:

  • Making an Outline: the first step to write an outstanding thesis proposal is making an outline of all chapters and what you have to write in all these chapters.
  • Start structure-wise: don’t lose the structure and recommended format of thesis proposal while start writing the draft. It will not only save your precious but will reduce the chances of severe mistakes.
  • Authentic references: to write an outstanding thesis proposal, it is highly recommended to support your idea with references that must be extracted from authentic and credible sources.
  • Methodology: you cannot write the methodology in your own way. You must have to follow the standard methods of performing the experiment and you have to cite the references for authentication of recommended procedures.
  • Reference style: you have to follow the reference style of writing as recommended by Malaysian university in which you are studying.

3 Most Popular Methods in Thesis Proposal Writing

If we talk about PhD proposal writing Malaysia, we see that there three most popular methods in thesis proposal writing. One is APA (The American Psychological Association) format or APA style manual. Second is MLA (Modern Language Association) or MLA style manual and the third one is Chicago style of manual.

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5 Tips to Write Like a Thesis Proposal Professional

Following are the five tips from an expert for thesis proposal writing Kuala Lumpur:

  • Figures are definitely the more expressive and attractive way of expressing any idea. So, try your best to demonstrate your proposal through pictures and figures.
  • Despite explaining the relationship between two or more variables through words, use graphs to save the space and easy elaboration of various relationships.
  • Before finalizing your thesis proposal and presenting in front of the review committee, it is highly advisable to know all your requirements and making sure the availability of equipment/material.
  • Regardless of checking the complete thesis proposal after writing all the pages, check your work continuously.
  • Prepare a list of references at the start of proposal writing; otherwise, you will have to break attention again and again just to find the relevant references.

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