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What Is a Thesis Paper and Who Needs It?

A thesis paper is such a document that is prepared on a unique research topic by a university student for finding the solution of a critical problem by analyzing the data obtained after performing the extensive experimental research in a particular research area. All those students, who are doing graduation or PhD research in a university, need to write a thesis paper as a partial fulfillment of degree completion. Nothing is different if you are studying at a Malaysian university. To complete your masters or PhD degree in Malaysian university, you must have to write a thesis paper on any research topic that would be not only relevant to your area of study, but could present a solid solution of any hot issue facing by the people practically belong to your particular studying area.

Today, the majority of students studying in any top ranked Malaysian university, have realized this fact that it is not easy to write such a winning thesis or dissertation that could be successfully defended in front of the supervisory committee. The best way to cope the problem is finding a reliable thesis writing service Malaysia or hiring a professional thesis helper Malaysia. Let’s have a look on those difficulties that Malaysian students usually face during writing the thesis or dissertation and why it becomes necessary to take professional thesis writing help.

professional thesis helper malaysiaAll Difficulties You Should Know When Writing a Thesis

  • The first problem to write a thesis is finding such a logical research problem on which a thesis or dissertation could be written without facing any objection during presenting the research proposal in front of professor or supervisory committee.
  • After choosing research topic for thesis or dissertation and getting approval from supervisor, the most crucial phase comes that is creating an argument in the opposition of existing solutions of concerned problem that have been presented in research conferences as well as published in some reputed research journals.
  • Finding the authentic acknowledgments and references both in the opposition and support of your research topic is another difficulty that you have to face while writing the thesis or dissertation for your masters or PhD research. Remember! Without supporting your claims with credible references, no one will accept the results and findings of your thesis.
  • Another difficulty in writing the masters thesis or PhD dissertation is checking the feasibility of practically performing the research experiments in the professional working environment. Without this facility, you cannot get the findings of your research work and ultimate cannot write a thesis.
  • After getting the findings of your research, you have to analyze the data of your research by means of statistical tools and graphical analysis that is definitely a very difficult step in writing the thesis and needs professional Malaysia thesis writing help.

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Thesis Writing Work Plan Template

Following is the thesis writing guide about work plan template for all those Masters and PhD students who are studying in Malaysian universities and want to write a good thesis or dissertation.

  • Abstract & Introduction: abstract is the brief overview of thesis problem and its proposed solution while introduction comprises the detailed answers of questions; why you have chosen the particular research topic for your thesis? Why is needful and how it could be beneficial as a solution of concerned problem?
  • Literature review: this chapter includes those references that are against or in support of your research idea. These references must be taken from reliable research journals and proceedings.
  • Materials & Method: in this chapter, you have to mention all the materials that you are going to use in your research work as well as approved procedure of performing the research work.
  • Results & Discussion: results and discussions comprise the findings of your research work along with statistical analysis of results data by means of famous statistical tools.
  • Conclusion: in the last, you have to conclude your research with the support of a solid reference.

Thesis Requirements in Top Universities in Malaysia

Following are the top universities in Malaysia and there are some standard thesis requirements in all these universities.

  • University of Malaya
  • Universiti Sains Malaysia
  • Universiti Malaysia Terengganu
  • Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
  • Universiti Teknologi Malaysia
  • Universiti Utara Malaysia
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University of Malaya thesis writing requirements are not different than writing the Universiti Sains Malaysia thesis, Universiti Malaysia Terengganu thesis, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia thesis, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia thesis or Universiti Utara Malaysia thesis. In the below lines, there are some common thesis requirements for these Malaysian universities:

  • Abstract should not be more than half page.
  • Introduction should be written in 2-3 pages.
  • Review of literature could be extended 20-30 pages.
  • Results and discussion can be elaborated on 40-50 pages.
  • Conclusion should not be longer than one page.

thesis example malaysia

15 Excellent Malaysia Thesis Writing Tips to Follow

  • There should be no plagiarism throughout the thesis
  • References should also rewrite to avoid plagiarism
  • Thesis length should be 90-100 pages
  • APA manual style should be adopted for writing the references
  • Font should be Times New Roman or Calibri
  • Font size should not be more than 12
  • Line spacing should be 1.15
  • Thesis should be thoroughly checked for spelling mistakes
  • There should be no grammatical mistakes in the thesis
  • In literature review, there should be alphabetical arrangement of paragraphs with respect to writer’s name
  • Results should be analyzed via famous statistical software
  • Graphical representation should be adopted to explain the results
  • Summary should be added after explaining the results
  • Conclusion should be comprehensive, logical and short
  • References should be written in chronological order

5 Common Pitfalls to Avoid in Writing a Thesis

Following 5 common pitfalls should be avoided during thesis writing in Malaysia:

  • Unnecessarily increasing the length of chapters with illogical content.
  • Copy/paste is considered very serious crime in thesis writing, so plagiarism must be avoided.
  • Don’t use any style of writing references in the thesis. Only use recommended style.
  • Don’t overlook grammatical and spelling mistakes.
  • Don’t use any unauthentic or fake reference source to support the opinion in your thesis.

expert thesis writing service malaysia

Why It Is Better to Look for Professional Thesis Writing Service Malaysia

Today, hiring the professional thesis writing service for writing the winning thesis has become a common trend among students of Malaysian universities. Most of the students try to get Malaysia thesis writing help through online service just to avoid the pitfalls in thesis writing and losing the chance to win university degree in the first attempt. It is always better to hire Malaysia thesis online service to save the money and precious time for availing the fresh job opportunities and avoid ruining the career.

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