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Comprehensive Malaysian Thesis LaTeX Writing Guide

What Is LaTeX? Why It Can Help You in Thesis Writing?

If you are interested in thesis proposal writing Malaysia, it’s very important that you understand LaTeX first. LaTeX is a system, which is devised to prepare high-quality typesetting documents. It is used for the preparation of scientific documents. Documents which are prepared with LaTeX can be published in any form.

If you are looking for thesis helper Malaysia, LaTeX can help you. But remember that LaTeX is not a word processor. A thesis is usually the longest document, which the majority of us writes in our life. It’s very difficult to format this document and its very time taking too, however, if you write it in LaTeX, things will be very easy for you. It will save a lot of your time and effort and you will be able to write and edit without any problem.

malaysian thesis latex helpIs It a Good Idea to Use LaTeX Instead of a Common Word Processor When Writing a Thesis?

You may not be sure about the Malaysian thesis LaTeX, as it’s not very common yet. Many people ask why they should go for LaTeX instead of the common word processor. There are many reasons for the:

  • Common word processors are for the writing of general documents, which are not very long, but LaTeX is for writing technical and scientific documents, which are usually very long.
  • Common word documents do not have tools which are required for scientific publishing, while LateX have them.
  • Editing and formatting are very easy with the LateX, without disturbing the typesetting of the document, which is not possible with the common word processor.

So, its Malaysian thesis LaTeX is easy and time-saving as compared to the common word processor.

Writing a Thesis with LaTeX: Main Features You Should Know about

You can find My LaTeX thesis template, but it’s important to understand the main features of the software first:

  • When you select a UPM thesis LaTeX template or go for USM thesis LaTeX Kuala Lumpur, you need to understand that LaTeX is not an ordinary word processor. It is not very difficult to understand. It may take a few hours, but it will save a lot of your time in the future.
  • You have to understand the coding for different pages. If you are writing thesis in UPM LaTeX thesis format, coding will be different.
  • You will give the index command in the beginning and the index will be automatically created for you. You can do the same for the bibliography.
  • You can insert images and graphics in your thesis LaTeX Malaysia.

Typical Problems That Arise While Writing a Thesis with LaTeX

When you write a proposal Malaysia or thesis, you may face some common problems:

  • The most common problem is the understanding of LaTeX. Many people find it very difficult to understand when they start the Malaysian thesis template LaTeX. However, if you give a bit of your time, you will be able to understand how it works.
  • The coding is slightly complicated to understand, but usually, people learn it quickly.
  • As the LaTeX documents are divided into different classes, people find it difficult to modify these classes.
  • Many LaTeX templates for PhD thesis Malaysia are available, and students get confused that which one is better for their use.

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UTM LaTeX Template for a Master or PhD Thesis

If you are following UTM thesis LaTeX Malaysia or any other template, you have to understand that first. The general format is very easy. Here is a template for you, which will help you to understand.

Title page: if you want to create a title page you will be giving the following commands:

\title{It is My Thesis Title}

\author{James Hilton\\My University\

\date{Jan 08, 2018}


It will appear as:

It is my thesis Title

James Hilton

My University

Jan, 08, 2018

Content: for content things are simple\tableofcontents



Abstract: in LaTeX you can find a separate environment for the abstract. When you will print it, you will get abstract in the center, with proper formatting\being{Abstract}


Bibliography: there are many ways to use bibliography in LaTeX. However, the most commonly used way is through bibtex file. You can download your references directly from google scholar or from the website of the journal\bibliographystyle {plain}

Tips in Writing a Dissertation or Thesis in LaTeX

Managing a complex document is easy with LaTeX. However, the important thing is the understanding of LaTeX. Here are a few tips, which will help you to write your dissertation in LaTeX.

  • A thesis is usually written with double space between the lines. For that, you have to put a code in the preamble. \usepackage{setspace}\doublespacing. Double spacing will be for text only, for footnotes and figures you will get single space.
  • If you want to center a part of your text, you have to inter \centerline{text to be centered} and that is it. It’s very simple.
  • Margin is very important for any document, so for your dissertation. To set the page size you have to add the following to the preamble. \usepackage [landscape]{ geometery}. To set the margins write \usepackage[top=1in, bottom=1in, left=1.25in, right=1.25in]{geometry}

expert my latex thesis templateHow Can We Help with Writing/Editing/Proofreading a Thesis Malaysia?

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It is easy to write Malaysian thesis LaTeX, but many people find it difficult. If you want a well-written thesis, contact us now!